February 25, 2015

HackingTeam Complies With Wassenaar Arrangement Export Controls

Hacking Team, the world leader in providing state-of-the-art software tools for surveillance to law enforcement and intelligence agencies, said today it is complying fully with the export controls called for in the nineteenth Plenary meeting of the Wassenaar Arrangement. No other company in the lawful surveillance industry has made this commitment.

These export controls are designed to assure that only appropriate governments or government agencies are able to use surveillance software and that the use of the software in no way threatens international or regional security or stability.

On January 1, 2015 , the European Union (E.U.) implemented the Wassenaar guidance and applicable dual use legislation. Hacking Team instituted the new procedures immediately.

“We designed our system to be used to fight crime and terrorism and we want it to be used for that purpose,” said David Vincenzetti, CEO of Hacking Team. “Criminals and terrorists around the world routinely use mobile phones, mobile devices, computers, and the Internet to commit horrific crimes and terrorism. Without HT technology law enforcement is blind to this activity.”

“We are now the first in our industry to comply with these latest international laws, and we are doing so because we are committed to assuring that our products are not misused,” Vincenzetti said.

Under the procedures agreed to by Hacking Team and the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, HT will request from the Italian Government export authorization for its technologies.

Previous to this regulation, the company had already instituted internal controls and procedures to assure its software is not abused. The Wassenaar protocols add additional insurance that Hacking Team technologies are only provided to and used by appropriate agencies and governments.

Since its founding, Hacking Team has recognized the power of its tools that allow law enforcement agencies to monitor computer traffic, mobile phone and other similar communications. The company voluntarily instituted a customer policy published on the hackingteam.com website to assure that its tools were not abused.

Hacking Team has also committed to abiding by international black lists and other guidelines so that its surveillance system is not sold to states or state agencies that might abuse it.