July 30, 2015

Hacking Team Systems Critical for Law Enforcement

The most recent warnings from law enforcement leaders of the dangers of mass encryption of mobile phones, email and other communications is reigniting concern about what the U.S. FBI calls, “Going dark.” That refers to the challenge law enforcement faces in tracking criminals and terrorists who use their encrypted mobile phones and computers to communicate. It is a conversation that has been talking place in the law enforcement community for some time.

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July 22, 2015

Statement from HackingTeam

The single fact not generally covered by news media is that there is only one violation of law in this entire episode, and that one is the criminal attack on Hacking Team. The truth is that the company itself has operated within the law and all regulation at all times.

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July 13, 2015

Statement from the CEO

The lawful surveillance system that Hacking Team has provided to law enforcement for more than a decade is critical to the work of preventing and investigating crime and terrorism. Indeed, because of the increasing encryption of data transmitted over mobile devices and the Internet, this work has never been more critical than it is today.

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July 08, 2015

Information related to the attacks on HackingTeam of July 6, 2015

It is now apparent that a major threat exists because of the posting by cyber criminals of HackingTeam proprietary software on the Internet the night of July 6. HackingTeam's investigation has determined that sufficient code was released to permit anyone to deploy the software against any target of their choice.

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